Guest recipe: Rosemary & Lavender Hair Mask by Clean Beauty Co.

Guest recipe: Rosemary & Lavender Hair Mask by Clean Beauty Co.

  • Date 04 Mar 2016
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Elsie and Dominika, the brains behind Clean Beauty Co, became tired of being endlessly disappointed with the poor quality and empty promises of their highstreet beauty brands. They decided to take matters into their own hands and started CBCo as a way to share natural and non-toxic beauty recipes to the masses with the sole aim of empowering people to take control over what they put on their skin. They've since expanded into a small product line and run natural beauty workshops in central London.

Here they share a super simple hair growth recipe.

The coconut oil is key for providing the hair with essential fatty acids which will moisturise and hydrate. The composition of coconut oil allows it to penetrate the hair follicle faster than liquid oils, meaning it'll provide deeper nourishment.

Rosemary and lavender are a powerful combination and together will energise the scalp and stimulate blood flow around the very root of the hair, promoting growth. Lavender is fab for soothing irritated or itchy scalps and it also smells great!

10g Sister & Co Coconut Oil
5drops Lavender Essential Oil
5drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Gently heat the coconut oil in a bain-Marie until it takes liquid form. Add both the lavender and rosemary and stir well to ensure evenly distributed. Apply to wet hair, covering root to tip, and wrap head in a warm, damp towel. Allow to sit for at least 15 minutes before washing hair throughly (we'd recommend shampooing twice to remove all oil).

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