Bar soap is back. Let us tell you why...

Bar soap is back. Let us tell you why...

  • Date 09 Oct 2018
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 --- yes, it’s SOAP - just soap as you never knew it before. No more drying, stripping or tightening: just ultra clean, hydrated skin. Seriously. 

Right now we have our Charcoal Detox Soap, and we are so swayed by the power of entirely natural soap (note use of the word entirely) that we have plans to expand our range… watch this space.

But how is our soap different to the standard soap on supermarket shelves, grandmothers’ bathrooms and dodgy pub sinks? Surely all soap does, apart from harshly strip your hands, is harbour germs, sitting there in a pool of water...?

It’s to do with what’s in them.

Standard soaps contain a range of synthetic ingredients that are, at best, known irritants (sulfates and fragrance) and, at worst, hormone disruptors (parabens and triclosan). It’s these ingredients that, while they may make your soap lather up thickly while smelling of tulips and unicorns, also harshly strip the natural oils from your skin - causing tightness and dryness while playing havoc with the skin’s natural oil balance, and often leading it to overproduce oil as a result. 

Our soap contains 100% natural ingredients: we use activated charcoal to help draw out dirt and bacteria from pores; and olive, coconut and almond oils as well as shea butter to soften and hydrate. We don’t add ANY synthetic fillers, dyes, fragrances or lathering agents to our formulation.

The natural lather of the soap is produced from its plant oil content - coconut oil in particular. Our soap may not lather as much as a standard soap, but the feel of the nourishing bubbles is so much more luxurious. And because our soap is made entirely without synthetic lathering agents, it will also last much longer.

And it’s to do with how they’re produced.

In standard commercial soap making, ingredients are blended together under extremely high temperatures. By contrast, our soap is produced via a cold processing process in which the active botanicals remain far more intact and potent.

 We also KEEP the glycerin, a natural by-product of soap-making and an incredibly moisturising, skin-beneficial ingredient, within our final formula. Standard commercial soap producers remove the glycerin and sell it on to the cosmetics or food industries. This is why commercial soaps can be so drying to the skin, as well as their heavy content of synthetics.

 How does Charcoal Soap fit into the Sister Routine?

Because natural soap doesn’t contain harsh irritants, it works really well on your face as well as your body – and is obviously super simple to use.

You can use it every day as a body wash. And in terms of facial skincare, you can even use Charcoal Soap as your sole cleanser, morning and night.

What we also find powerful is the combination of oil and soap cleansing. First, use our True Cleanse Oil which cuts right through make-up and dirt while deeply hydrating and nourishing skin. Then follow with the Charcoal Soap Bar to quickly remove all residue of the Oil – especially helpful if you don’t have a cleansing cloth to hand to wipe the oil away, or if you need to save a few precious seconds.

How should I store Charcoal Soap?

Store it in a drainable soap dish in a cool dry place, so it can dry between uses. Rinse it under running water before use, and lather up in your hands to use, rather than applying the bar direct. It is no less hygienic than liquid soap – which by definition contains water, and therefore a whole host of preservatives – not to mention the plastic container it’s likely housed in, making it much less kinder for the environment.




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