Cleansing with oil... why you shouldn't sit on the fence any longer

Cleansing with oil... why you shouldn't sit on the fence any longer

Cleansing with oil – how it works, and why you shouldn’t sit on the fence any longer.

If you’re in two minds about trying oil cleansing, you really shouldn’t be. It’s quite a revelation and will change your skincare routine straight away. Why? – basically because it actually works like a cleanser is supposed to: cutting through all traces of dirt and grime and every last inch of make-up. Yes, even waterproof mascara. That annoying feeling of cleansing and still spotting half your eye make-up down your face? Never again. Your oil cleanser will lift it … all of it … right off. What’s more, your skin won’t feel tight, dry or squeaky shiny. Just nourished and hydrated.

So how does it work? The basic science is that like dissolves like. Cleansing with oil will dissolve the natural oils produced by your face that get hardened with impurities and stuck in your pores. It will also dissolve make-up, which is mostly oil-based. And by using organic raw plant oils, it won’t irritate your skin – rather it will work in harmony to rebalance it – rebalancing it’s PH and natural oil production levels.

And how do you do it? It's really easy. On dry skin, simply massage a small amount of oil (one pump should do, but experiment with what feels right for your skin) into your face and around the eye area. Leave the oil to sit for at least 30 seconds to dissolve the bad stuff. Then dampen a flannel or washcloth with warm water and wipe away the oil from your face.

How often should I be cleansing? We believe that oil cleansing is essential every evening and optional in the morning. But you know your skin best. 

What if you feel you have oily or combination? We don’t really believe in narrow definitions of skin type (we believe skin is skin… but more on that in another post). Bottom-line, though, is that whatever your skin type oil cleansing will still work wonders. Our True Cleanse includes jojoba oil (actually a wax rather than an oil) which mimics sebum, the oil your skin naturally produces – so it signals to your skin to slow down on sebum production as it will believe it has produced enough. All the the oils in our formulation are non-comedogenic (pore blocking).


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