Introducing Sister & Co.'s new collections

Introducing Sister & Co.'s new collections

  • Date 19 Sep 2018
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You may have noticed that we’ve been a little busy at Sister & Co. recently. Over the summer, we launched Instant Moisture Mist, our book Skin Food was released, and we have a brand new website.

We’ve talked to you guys quite a bit about our new Mist and the book. But what we want to talk to you about now is our website, and why our product offering has been divided into Skincare Essentials, Additionals, and Single-Sourced Solutions.

What does Skincare Essentials mean?

Having lived and breathed skincare -- personally for as long as I can remember, and professionally for the last five years – I am convinced that an effective skincare routine can be reduced to three straightforward functions. These are my three fundamental and non-negotiable pillars of a successful daily routine: first – you guessed it – you need to keep skin clean; second, you need to replenish it – encouraging skin-cell turnover, adding and locking in hydration; and third, you need to keep it protected from the elements – above all, sunshine and air pollution.

When it comes to delivering these functions (with the exception of sun protection), I am even more passionate and persuaded that the active properties to be found in natural ingredients really do work better than synthetic alternatives. In our SKINCARE ESSENTIALS range, we have created what we believe is the ultimate product that will deliver on a given function, and have packed each one with exactly the right Skin Foods that will show results.  

We believe that so long as you have these three bases covered, your daily routine shouldn’t need any more complexity. If your skin still isn’t at its best, it’s more likely that hormones, stress, diet or lack of sleep are to blame. It’s NOT that you need a more onerous, complicated skincare routine.

 So what are Additionals?

I am passionate about skincare, but we all know that beauty isn’t just about a daily routine for your face – and natural ingredients do so much more than perform skincare functions.  We use active natural ingredients to create products for healthy hair and  teeth, as well as luxurious products for body and baby-care. These products have been formulated with specific needs in mind - beyond the essentials of everyday skincare – and we’ve called this our ADDITIONALS range.  

This range shows the real, far-reaching scope of nature – how natural ingredients can be used to create delicious smells, textures and sensory experiences as well as serve more functional uses away from the remit of facial skincare. 

And Single-Sourced Solutions?

 And finally… There’s nothing better than a single natural ingredient that can serve a whole variety of uses – and as you know, we wouldn’t be where we are without Sister & Co. Coconut Oil – our original product. A brilliant multi-tasker that can be used as make-up remover, body moisturiser, a hand and cuticle cream, to tame fly-aways, to shave legs with, as mouthwash. We will strive to bring you a range of SINGLE-SOURCED SOLUTIONS that will suit your own taste (because not everyone loves coconut!).

 Sophie & the Sister & Co. Team x




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