Q+A with Bryony Walker, founder of Bosie Baby

Q+A with Bryony Walker, founder of Bosie Baby

To celebrate Mother's Day we're running a very special competition (head to our Instagram @sisterandcoskinfood) with our favourite baby brand, Bosie Baby.

Founded by Bryony Walker last year when on maternity leave after having her daughter Logan, Bosie sells unique Moses baskets woven in Ghana as well as the cosiest of sheepskins. Since launch Bosie has grown in leaps and bounds and Logan has now been joined by little sister Romy.

We caught up with Bryony to find out more about how she juggles life as a mum, while managing a successful small business. 

Tell us more about how the baskets are made and where they come from?

The baskets are woven in Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana, an area renowned for weaving these vibrant and colourful designs. The baskets are made from elephant grass, a hollow grass which grows naturally and abundantly - this is dried in the sun and then dyed into all sorts of beautiful vibrant colours using non toxic dye.  It takes around three days for the skilled weavers to produce a Moses basket, and a separate group of specialists sew on the goat leather handles to protect and strengthen them.  

How often should you clean your sheepskins, do you have any tips as to how to do it? 

Sheepskins don’t need to be washed very often as they are naturally self cleaning and resist dirt. That said, the beauty of the baby sheepskins is that they can go in the wash when the inevitable spit up happens. So if it requires more than a spot clean, you can pop your sheepskin into the machine on a hand wash cycle on cold or 30 degrees along with some shampoo and let it dry somewhere our of direct heat. A wide tooth metal brush like what you would use to brush a shaggy dog before and after washing helps keep them looking lovely too. 

How do you juggle being a mum of two and a business owner?

Not very well! I have lots of help in terms of childcare and also family - my amazing sister who is always on hand to help with both kids and business stuff, and brilliant grandparents who my children love.  Since having my second child I have tried to learn to reduce my own expectations of myself.  I am learning that even though little things seem important when you are setting up a small business, ultimately family is the most important so I’m sorting out my priorities.

How do you create a sense of community with your customers?

I try to keep things as straightforward and honest  as possible when dealing with customers. For example by personally posting on social media and responding to all queries I get to develop strong ties with my customers. We also have an initiative to sell second hand Bosie baskets to ensure they last longer than the first baby who sleeps in them so I think this creates a sense of community in itself - it connects people. 

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

Adventures - getting out into the great outdoors, the fresh air and spending less time on my phone. Nothing good ever came of smashing your screen time records...

What do you do for ‘me time’?

Go for walks, drink wine with friends, and hang out with my husband.  I am starting to read again since having a baby six months ago and it’s a great escape. 

What are you doing this Mother’s Day?

I will be somewhere in Europe with my family so probably waking up in a sweaty campervan... if I’m lucky we might be eating al fresco with a bottle of wine.

What’s your favourite Sister & Co. product?

Hands down the mother and baby cream. I used it during pregnancy and then my little girl became obsessed with poking her fingers in it and rubbing it all over her body.  It smells delicious and I can let her use it all over because it’s so natural on her sensitive skin.  It made her a beauty addict and now she applies creams every day after her bath (!) she is also keen on the lip balm...

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking about launching their own business? 

Try not to sweat the small stuff, choose something that you feel really excited to talk about and do every day, look out for help - there are so many schemes for small businesses to get grants and loans, and attend events and fairs where you get to meet other small business owners as they have heaps of ideas for your business and also tips on how they have solved their own issues. 

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