Autumn Skin Foods: our edit

Autumn Skin Foods: our edit



The heatwave is a distant memory, the trees are falling into yellow leaf, you've definitely got your woollens out, if not your winter coat - and soon you'll be cranking up that central heating. Yep - it's Autumn!

While there's lots of things to love about Autumn, what it does for our skin probably isn't one of them. The change in external temperatures as well as internal temperatures with the central heating, and the stark contrast between the two, can leave skin feeling dry, dull and out of sorts.

What Skin Foods have we got to help really protect your skin? We have two must-have products that shouldn't leave your side this autumn!

1. Facial Formula. Organic rosehip and Amazonian cacay oils will deliver and lock in nourishment and hydration while helping to form a protective barrier against the elements. Facial Formula should be applied morning and night, after cleansing and toning and before applying sunscreen (sunscreen is just as important in winter as summer).

2. Lip Tonics. Protecting lips is key during the colder months - the skin on your lips is particularly sensitive to changes in temperature and the elements. Made with raw plant oils, nut butters and unbleached beeswax, our Lip Tonics will provide maximum comfort.

As well as protecting your skin from the outside elements, you also want to deliver nutrients to your skin cells from the inside. As well as eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated, we recommend exfoliating skin once to twice a week to encourage blood flow. You'll find some great recipes for simple facial skin and lip exfoliators in our DIY skincare book, Skin Food - we think you'll love our Strawberry + Quinoa Polish and Brown Sugar + Vanilla Lip Scrub.

...BUT you have 2 sq meters of skin.. what about the rest of it?!

We believe in face-quality skincare for the rest of your body - which can become especially neglected during the winter. It's especially important to encourage skin cell renewal, to keep skin soft and supple and combat inevitable winter dullness and dryness. We recommend scrubbing all over at least twice a week with one of our Salt + Sugar Scrubs and following with a slather of Body Melt or Coconut Oil.

Hopefully our pick of products to have by your side this Autumn will help keep your skin glowing. Just let us know if you have any questions!


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