Skin Food Recipe: Jasmine Hair Perfume

Skin Food Recipe: Jasmine Hair Perfume

  • Date 21 Aug 2018
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Try making this simple hair spritz for one of the classic floral scents of summer. It will perfume your hair without drying it out - in fact, the jojoba oil will add a light touch of moisture. And as essential oils are so potent, you will only need to spray a small amount to keep your hair gently scented all day.


100ml water

1 tsp jojoba oil

5 drops jasmine essential oil (or ylang ylang as an alternative)

100ml spritz bottle (available on Amazon)

How to make:

Blend the jojoba oil with the jasmine essential oil. Fill a small bottle with water and the oil mixture, shaking well. Shake before every use so that the oil and water mix, as they will naturally separate.

How to use:

Mist a few sprays on damp hair after washing. The spritz will store in the fridge for up to two weeks.


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