Skin Food the Book: Q&A with Sophie

Skin Food the Book: Q&A with Sophie

This September sees the launch of Sister & Co. Founder Sophie Thompson's book Skin Food [Octopus Books]: a compilation of 70 skin, hair and body care treatments that you can make at home using ingredients from your kitchen cupboard.

Here we interview Sophie all about this project - why she wrote the book, what you can expect from it and why she believes it is so important to encourage people to discover the benefits of natural skin and beauty products in their own home. 


What inspired you to write a book?

No matter how much a company or brand tries to persuade you of the power of natural, nothing will convince you more than creating a product yourself – in your own kitchen– that works just the way you want it to. I wanted to create a book of recipes for simple skin, hair and body treatments that you can make up quickly, from fresh ingredients, with amazing smells, textures and most importantly, results – a journey into natural that you can take on your own terms. Because I really believe that once you’ve discovered where it takes you, there’s no going back.

Aren’t you giving away all your secrets? Why buy Sister & Co. products when you can make your own?

At Sister & Co. we believe in empowering people to take back control over their skincare – to understand what products you actually need in your routine; what ingredients are in your products; and what those ingredients actually do. And yes - you could certainly base your skincare routine on the recipes in our book, and we hope that you’ll make a lot of them, frequently! But most of these recipes are made using very simple and fresh ingredients – fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs – for you to use there and then – you can’t store them. Sister & Co. products contain rarer, more precious natural ingredients and are formulated to last longer using natural anti-oxidants and ferments. Make our recipes – experience the power of natural – and then know that you can rely on Sister & Co. for your long-term skin, body and hair care.

Which recipes would you recommend for a beginner who is new to making their own skincare? 

I think the recipe for our Olive and Coconut Cleansing Cream is a great places to start. It is super simple: combining two kitchen staples it will take less than 10 minutes to make. And yet it can deliver incredible results: use it every morning and night for the following three or four days to see for yourself. 

Which recipes do you find yourself whipping up regularly for yourself?

There’s nothing better than a fresh facemask – Matcha and Yoghurt when my skin feels a bit tired, or Coconut and Spirulina when I want to brighten it up. I also always love blending up Bath Salts – our Insomnia Busting Bath Salts are great if you’re going through a period of broken sleep – alternatively our Matcha Lemon and Lime Salts are great if you’re looking to energise. That’s the beauty of DIY skincare – it’s so easy to tailor it to exactly what you need at any given time.

In the book you mention the importance of a balanced diet in order to maintain healthy skin. What’s more important for better skin– diet or skincare?

Without a balanced diet you won’t be able to achieve the best version of your skin, no matter what skincare products you apply. Your skin is your biggest organ and that saying “you are what you eat” holds a lot of truth. Unless you are ingesting the right nutrients to nourish it and drinking enough fluid to keep it hydrated from the inside, your skin  will suffer. At Sister & Co., we believe the functions of skincare are pretty simple: to keep skin clean, help lock in hydration and protect against the elements – all three of which can be achieved perfectly with the right active natural ingredients. The only exception is sunscreen – which unfortunately can’t be formulated entirely using natural products. We pride ourselves in talking straight when it comes to skincare choices: we know skincare won’t work miracles without other lifestyle factors being taken into consideration – and we don’t try to pretend otherwise.  

What is your favourite way to unwind at the end of the day?

I’ve always found making or creating something a great way to relax as it forces my mind to refocus– I think that’s one of the reasons I love making skincare. Beyond that, typical things like cooking a nice meal, playing with my 15 month old son, Jake, and having a glass of wine. I also find exercise a great way to clear my mind – though since having Jake I haven’t yet found a way to fit it back into my routine consistently, but I’m trying!  

It’s been a busy year for Sister and Co. are there any new exciting updates that your followers can look forward to?

It’s been a super busy year! Our team has grown, which is massively exciting – we have a new office and a new co-CEO – and as well as our new book, a new website and new product launches. There's so much in the pipeline, so please do keep an eye on our social media channels and sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear our news. 


Skin Food is available on our online store, at and at all good bookshops from 6th September 2018. 


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