Why less can really be more - the Sister multitaskers

Why less can really be more - the Sister multitaskers

At Sister & Co. we believe that less is more. If a product can multitask, we want you to know about it. Skincare brands often create multiple products when just one can actually perform multiple functions – for example creating separate moisturisers and eye creams. A well formulated moisturiser should also be able to work as a great eye cream.

We believe that if something can do more than one thing, and therefore help simplify our routines, everyone should know about it!

Below is a summary of our favourite multitaskers, the why and the how.

True Cleanse Oil

If you use True Cleanse Oil, you won’t need to buy separate eye make-up remover. True Cleanse is formulated with lightweight organic jojoba, apricot and grape seed oils and cuts through even the toughest waterproof mascara in just a few moments. 

Lip Tonics

As well as being the ultimate nourishment for lips, our Lip Tonics make a nifty little hand and cuticle balm too. Just as beeswax, shea and cacao butters nourish the sensitive skin on your lips, they’ll nourish and protect your hands and the sensitive skin around your cuticles too - especially in the cold-weather. Both Tonics also contain Sister & Co. Coconut Oil which is naturally anti-bacterial and especially great for sore cuticles.

Sugar + Salt Scrubs

Our Sugar + Salt Body Scrubs are formulated on base of organic coconut sugar and Himalayan salt, which gently but thoroughly buff skin. But because they’re blended with fatty acid-rich cold-pressed plant oils like pumpkin, avocado, baobab, almond and coconut, they’ll leave your skin super hydrated, meaning that you probably won’t need to moisturise afterwards. They’re also infused with essential oils such as rosemary, lemongrass, sweet orange, jasmine and peppermint – so they’ll perfume, too.

Dream Cream 

Finding a product to use on your baby's skin can be difficult, but this creamy balm formulated with organic shea butter, coconut oil, apricot and almond oil is just what you need. Use on your baby or toddler as a baby bottom cream, to help soothe dry, flaky patches & for baby massage. Use on yourself as an all-over moisturiser, as a tummy rub, to help soothe the discomfort of expanding skin and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, to relieve sore nipples (remove before breastfeeding), as a hand cream and as lip balm.

Coconut Oil

Our love for the multi-tasking oil that is coconut oil never grows old. Coconut oil will lift away eye make-up, moisturise all over, tame fly-aways, soothe itchy or dry skin and even soothe insect bites and cuts and scrapes (it’s naturally antibacterial). Our advice – keep a jar on your bathroom shelf at all times.


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