Why we don’t use moisturiser – and why we dare you to ditch yours.

Why we don’t use moisturiser – and why we dare you to ditch yours.

  • Date 22 Oct 2018
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Many people will say that moisturiser is their one non-negotiable, their absolutely-can’t-live-without-it skincare product. The thought of giving it up as uncomfortable as to stop washing your hair or using deodorant.

But at Sister & Co. we’ve stopped using moisturising creams or lotions on our faces (and bodies, for that matter) – entirely. And guess what – we don’t miss it – at all. On the contrary, it’s been a bit of a revelation.

Our no-moisturiser experiment started when we couldn’t find a truly natural moisturising cream. Because creams are always a blend of oil and water, that means they require (1) an emulsifier to combine these two elements together, and (2) serious preservatives (because bacteria love water!).

Most creams you’ll find do this using synthetics – and cheaper creams use preservatives known as parabens, which have been linked to types of cancers and hormonal disruption. What’s more, when we say creams are a blend of oil and water – well, the quantity of water used is often huge. And that’s often simple because water’s cheap, it bulks… and it just dilutes any active ingredients.

So, we gave up in protest. We just couldn’t find a cream with an ingredients list that we’d want to apply. And we found, very quickly, that we didn’t miss it.

How come? Well, put bluntly and sparing you the science, moisturising creams prevent dryness by forming a barrier on the outer layer of the skin, locking in water. This helps keep skin hydrated, for sure, but only in the short-term. An unwanted side-effect is that it impedes natural skin shedding. If you don’t shed dead skin cells daily, they can build up and you mistake this for ‘dry’ skin. Then you slather on more cream and the cycle continues.

By ditching occlusive creams you allow new skin cells to come to the surface and actually strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function – good news for dehydrated skin. And you can actively encourage this process by exfoliating regularly.

You can also help seal in the moisture in your skin without needing to reach for creams. A few drops of facial oils high in anti-oxidants and vitamin E will help keep skin hydrated, soft and plump, while allowing dead skin cells to continue to shed naturally.

Finally, especially in these long months of dry central heating, there is nothing better than a direct moisture boost for your skin. Natural humectants, like glycerin, are excellent at drawing and holding water from below the skin’s surface and from the air. This will reduce dullness, tightness and the appearance of lines.

Being a slave to moisturising cream is simply not necessary. And that’s why we dare you to ditch yours!

So what does our moisturising routine now look like?

1. Spritz skin daily, immediately after cleansing, to draw maximum water into the skin. Try our Instant Moisture Mist with organic rosewater, cucumber seed extract, radish root ferment and glycerin.

2. Follow with a few drops of facial oil to lock-in moisture while still allowing skin to breathe. Our Facial Formula does this job perfectly: it's an organic facial oil made with rosehip and cacay seed oils.

3. Exfoliate 1-2 times per week to encourage new skin cell growth and maintain skin’s natural barrier function. (Look out for a new Sister & Co. release coming very soon!).



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