Tooth Whitening Polish - Raw Coconut + Activated Charcoal

Sister & Co.


This game-changing 100% natural tooth polish can help to remove stains and discolouration from the surface of your teeth to whiten and brighten your smile. 

Activated charcoal is used today in hospitals to treat toxin overload caused by drugs, alcohol or accidental poisoning - with its porous surface, it attaches to toxins and impurities in the body to draw them out. In the same way, it can lift away surface stains on teeth caused by everyday coffee and tea, wine or smoking. Our polish is made with premium finely ground food-grade activated coconut charcoal, produced especially for dental use.

With its high content of natural vitamin E and medium chain fatty acids, organic raw Sister & Co. Coconut Oil nourishes gums while fighting bacteria and absorbing oral debris, further helping to clean and whiten teeth's appearance. 

Bentonite clay aids the process and delivers minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium while organic peppermint and Australian lemon myrtle (citric acid-free) are natural antiseptics and add freshness. 

This product is equally suitable for those with sensitive teeth and gums. It can be used as often as needed to achieve desired results. 

Note: the polish should not be used in place of your regular toothpaste. You should continue to use your regular toothpaste and use the polish for additional cleaning and whitening. 

100% natural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten & dairy free, made with certified organic ingredients. 



Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Activated carbon, Bentonite, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Oil* Backhousia citriodora (Lemon Myrtle) Leaf Oil* Limonene** *organically produced ingredient **natural constituent of essential oil  

FAQs +

How long should I brush with the polish for? Brush gently, in circular motions, for around 2 minutes. For extra power leave in your mouth for a few minutes after brushing (while taking a shower for example).

When should I use the polish? You can use it anytime but we recommend using it before brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste - the polish will rinse out straight out with water but following with regular toothpaste is a quick and easy way to remove all traces. 

How often can I use it? Use as often as needed. We recommend 3-5 times per week but you can use it everyday if you like! 

When will I see results: Everyone is different - most of our customers report results from after a week of use. Remember that the polish works to remove stains and discolourations from the surface of your teeth (which can make a big difference to their appearance) but doesn't alter the colour of your natural enamel. 

I have dental work: can I use it? Our customers with dental work have been using the polish without any difficulties, reporting the same great results, however please check with your dentist before use if you have any concerns. The polish is not recommended for use with braces as it won't reach the entire tooth's surface. 

Are there any synthetic ingredients in the product? No. The polish is 100% natural.

Can I use the polish when pregnant? None of our products contain ingredients at levels which should cause concern during pregnancy. However, most of our products (including the polish) contain a very small quantity of essential oils, and some women choose to avoid essential oils during pregnancy. If you have any concerns at all we advise you to consult your medical professional and show them the ingredient list before using the product. 

I’m worried as I have very sensitive teeth/gums, can I use it? Yes, the polish made with all-natural, non-irritating ingredients. We would recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush.

It’s warm weather and the polish has turned to liquid. Is this OK? Yes, coconut oil turns to liquid above 24° C – this is a natural process and we do not use any preservatives or chemicals to stop this happening. It will solidify again in cooler temperatures. If the polish has separated and oil has risen to the top, just mix together with a clean spoon. 

There is a whitish layer sitting on the top of the polish, is it still OK to use?  Yes - this is a natural product and we do not use any stablizers or artificial colouring. All that has happened is that the coconut oil has risen to the top, most likely to due to warmer external temperatures. Just mix together with a clean spoon. 


NOTE: This product is messy - do not drop it! Keep a dark towel by your sink, you'll most likely need it! Use a dry toothbrush and avoid water entering the container- water can introduce bacteria and cause the polish to spoil more quickly. 


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