What are Skin Foods?

We create natural skincare products because we know that natural – made right and used right – works better than synthetic.

When they are made right, the active properties – antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and nutrients – are in their most natural, raw state, unhindered by synthetic preservatives, fragrances, thickeners or added water. That’s why we call them Skin Foods.

When they are used right, they perform essential skincare functions, whether you have sensitive, dry or combination skin: to cleanse away dirt; replenish and lock in hydration; and protect your skin from the elements. We don’t insist natural always works best – we'll never make natural deodorant – but we know natural will deliver your comprehensive skincare routine.

"Our mission it to share knowledge and confidence about what you actually need in your routine, what active ingredients you need, and what's in your products"

Sophie, Sister & Co. Founder


Own what products you need in your routine

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ – it is nourished by the food you eat and what you put on it. Skincare helps to achieve the best version of your skin by keeping it clean, keeping it hydrated and protecting it from the elements. That’s why our essentials range consists of hardworking products that do one of these three things – to simplify, not clutter, your skincare routine. If there are non-negotiable essentials where a truly natural formulation cannot deliver (e.g., the SPF/UV protections required by sunscreen), we will recommend synthetic alternatives or create one ourselves. But we’ll explain, highlight and make absolutely clear where we’ve done this and why.

Own what active ingredients your skin needs

We don’t think choosing natural should be a compromise, so we only create products where our natural formulations perform as effectively and feel as great as synthetic alternatives. We’ve searched long and hard for the ultimate “skin foods” - ingredients with the right balance of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – bringing them together to deliver fresh scents, pleasing textures and clear results. We know that natural ingredients work, so we’re not a vigilante mission to bring down chemicals. Instead, we’re on a mission to bring you natural products that look and feel as great as the results we know they deliver.

Own the full extent of what’s in your products

Our formulations are free from synthetic preservatives and fillers. They’re also free from all parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), SLES (sodium laureth sulphate), mineral oil, petroleum and artificial fragrances or colours. Each ingredient in our products has been carefully chosen for its specific skincare function or benefit, so we’re proud to tell you exactly what it is and why it’s in there. In order to preserve the active properties of these natural ingredients our plant, nut and seed oils as well as our butters, waxes, flowers and clays are always minimally processed and kept as close to their natural state as possible. Because that’s the state in which they offer the biggest benefits to your skin.

Our Collections

The ESSENTIALS are a carefully-crafted set of products that work to effectively cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin: the fundamental pillars of any skincare routine. You’ll understand what’s in there and why, and what you use them for. They help you simplify – not clutter – your routine.

The ADDITIONALS have all been formulated with specific needs in mind - beyond the essentials of everyday skincare. We use active natural ingredients to create products for healthy hair and and teeth, as well as luxurious products for body and baby-care.

Our SINGLE-SOURCED Coconut Oil is our original product. Cold-pressed at a small organic farm on the Sri Lankan coast, this is the ultimate grade of raw coconut oil for everyday beauty and skincare use.

Our Beginnings

I was on holiday in India and suffering from skin breakouts, something that happened frequently no matter what I did. A local lady told me to wash my face once daily in the raw coconut oil her family produced at home. My skin cleared up, more quickly than it ever had done before.

Coming back to London, I was unable find a coconut oil with the same lightness, absorbency and delicate aroma, so I decided to embark on a mission to source it myself and launched Sister & Co. Coconut Oil, our original product. Cold-pressed at a small organic farm on the Sri Lankan coast, this is the ultimate grade of raw coconut oil for your beauty and skincare routine.

This journey led me to become passionate about the ability of nutrient-rich natural ingredients (many of which are unexpected) to heal and nourish your body on the outside as well as the inside. Knowing that it's not just me who is demanding honest natural skincare options, I have chosen to follow my passion and worked with cosmetic chemists to develop the Sister & Co. Skin Food range.

Our Commitment

Proud partner of Solace Women’s Aid. We believe in futures free from abuse and violence for all women and girls.


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