Press & Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Beauty editors and customers around the world have fallen in love with the results from our Skin Foods.
The sweetness of the coconut sugar paired with the zestiness of the lemongrass will slough away dead cells whilst brightening your skin and mood. Simply divine."
Use all year round in between cleansing and moisturising for super soft skin, and even as a pick-me-up throughout hot summer days - we can’t get enough."
It smells lovely and zingy, with its mix of coconut, argan and macadamia oil, which all absorbed gorgeously into my frazzled curls, offering much relief. That you, squirty bottle of hair drink…it sure was thirsty."
Gemma Cairney, Beauty Editor
In short: we love ‘em, and at the moment we can’t get enough of this Instant Moisture Mist. With a base of organic rose water and cucumber seed extract, it works like light, spritzable, skin-toning moisturiser. Our faces have never felt fresher."
Not all hair masks are created equal. These are not: Sister & Co Skin Food Raw Coconut Drink a lovely smelling, efficacious treat."
These genius natural beauty remedies will give you the smoothest skin…"
Organic apricot, rose, frankincense, the cleanser is a delicious as it sounds"
Lisa Armstrong, Head of Fashion
This product has really helped my skin. Every time I used it in the morning it feels hydrated for the rest of the day and when I use it at night I wake up with nourished, soft skin."
Laura, customer
You can tell it is made of all-natural ingredients. It really feels like a luxurious treat. I just love it."
Rosie, customer
The super seed facial formula has transformed my skin! I have had so many people commenting on how healthy my skin looks!"
Chovonne, customer
All products improved my skin making it steadily healthier and very clear."
Rosanna, customer
Guaranteed to brighten up your mornings… Simply divine."
Twiggy Jallouh, Beauty & Lifestyle
Even if you're pregnant, you already need this cream! It's perfect as a moisturizer, I've used it as a lip balm - hope I don't run out before my baby is born! It's the only cream I've found that I would actually dare to use on my newborn!"
Tene, customer
Dream Cream was perfect for my baby. It was the only cream I felt comfortable using on my daughter's delicate newborn skin."
Henrietta, customer
I love love love this product. It smells heavenly, and a little bit goes a long way for seriously long-lasting hydration."
Laura, customer
Having suffered with really dry skin on my elbows, this product has made the world of difference to me! I use it everyday, sometimes a few times a day and my skin is amazingly soft! I just love it!"
Tuesday Williams, customer
Another winner from Sister & Co! Amazing smell and texture to the product and I saw a difference in my hair after just one use. So soft and silky but not greasy at all, which I had been concerned about. Brilliant product, but I have come to expect nothing less from you!"
Kira, customer
All the products are exceptional, especially the soap. It washes off very easily and leaves your face feeling fresh and revitalised."
Mark, customer
I used this all throughout the Summer months in the evening to intensely moisturise my sun-drenched skin. The next day my skin always looked radiant and well moisturised. I especially love using this paired with the Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub!"
Laura, customer